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We work to ensure the community  has the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in society.
We see our goals as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Sustainability Movement.

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by Musliha Borhan

  • Comply with standard flow rates for all showers, taps and toilets

  • Use LEDs or energy-efficient light bulbs

  • Use eco-friendly paint or carpet

  • Offer a charging station for electric cars

  • Install automatic metering and sub-metering of water, energy and temperature

  • Have a renewable energy generation system

  • Have a cogeneration or energy recovery system

  • Receive power from a «green» energy supply

  • Insulate the domestic hot water, heating, and air conditioning networks, as well as devices with significant heat loss

  • Commission an expert to perform a regular water/energy diagnostic on the hotel

  • Reuse grey water

  • Have the building's thermal performance checked regularly

  • Receive low-carbon or sustainable building certification for construction & renovation work

  • Use eco-friendly products and processes for treating pool water

  • Offer an alternative to plastic water bottles

  • Offer honey from beehives installed around the hotel

05 NovotelStevens Superior King.jpg


by Steven Ding

  • Propose guests to reuse towels and linen

  • Offer eco-friendy amenities (soap, shower gel, shampoo)

  • Use eco-certified cleaning products

  • Remove plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds

  • Guarantee proper treatment of waste water

  • Sort your hazardous waste & at least 2 types of waste from the following: paper, glass, cardboard or plastic

  • Have eco-designed bedding in guest rooms

  • Offer eco-friendly products or remove them, for all listed products : toilet papers, tissues, paper towels, On-eused tumblers, Trash bags

  • Install an urban vegetable garden

  • Introduce a process for managing occupied and unoccupied modes for rooms and communal areas

  • Collect and reuse rain water

  • Automatically turn off heating or cooling systems if a window is open

  • Use eco-friendly landscape maintenance products or ban chemical treatments 

  • Sort and recycle paper, glass, cardboard and plastic

  • Install recycling bins in guest rooms and meeting rooms 

  • Install a waste compactor

10 NovotelStevens Food Exchange 01.jpg


by Chef Murti

  • Ban the use of threatened fish species

  • Roll out a programme to fight food waste

  • Offer wild fish or fish farmed using responsible methods

  • Stop using palm oil or use sustainable palm oil

  • Collect and recycle cooking oil 

  • Install grease tanks to collect and recycle cooking grease 

  • Ban controversial additives in 5 products; reduce fats and sugars

  • Offer at least 10 regional products and ensure ¾ of the fruit and vegetables on offer is seasonal

14 NovotelStevens L_Apéritif 02.jpg


by Jaideep Giri

  • Recycle food waste

  • Offer eco-friendly or socially responsible welcome gifts or products in the hotel shop

  • Donate or sell on unused food products

  • Offer responsibly-produced tea or coffee at breakfast

  • Cater for different dietary requirements (vegetarian, etc.)

21 NovotelStevens Meeting Room Amenities.jpg


by Donna Wong

  • Provide eco-friendly sheets or bedspread covers

  • Provide eco-friendly towels

  • Use and Offer eco-friendly printing paper : internal and external prints

  • Follow the 'Ethics and CSR checklist' for purchases made directly by the hotel 

  •  Offer only free range or non-caged eggs (eggs in their shells and egg products)

  • Offer two major food products that are organic or certified agro-ecology produce

  • Offer an alternative to plastic where available

03 NovotelStevens Front Office 01.jpg


by Namirah Khamsani

  • Have a certification or third-party environmental label

  • Publicise the hotel's Planet 21 actions on social network

  • Support a local association
  • Organise projects to raise funds and collect donations

  • Open up to the surrounding area and support the local economy

  • Offer sustainable trips or activities nearby the hotel

  • Display Planet 21 messages about measures unique to the hotel

  • Organise a guest awareness-raising event around Planet 21 or Solidarity

22 NovotelStevens Singapore Botanic Gardens.jpg


by Deon Quek & Hanna Baek

  • Offer eco-friendly transport services 

  • Use eco-friendly magnetic key cards for guests rooms

  • Donate products being phased out for reuse or recycling

  • Implement at least one systenatic measure to reduce the amount of paper used for printing

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by Leslie Lenus & Jeaine Tan

  • Roll out the WATCH child protection programme

  • Implement collective planning for work schedules

  • Implement concrete action on diversity

  • Facilitate staff members' ommutes between home and work

  • Facilitate staff lodging

  • Highlight the Planet 21 commitment on a dedicated wall mural 

17 NovotelStevens Milkyway.jpg


by Kuna Sagaran

  • Institute a staff committee on health, safety and well being

  • Train staff on health and well-being at work

  • Train staff on appropriate behaviours and attitude at work

  • Raise awareness internally on the fight against staff illiteracy

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