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On 25 November 2021, in line with Accor's Solidarity Week 2021, a fundraising thanksgiving dinner was hosted at Novotel & Mercure Singapore on Steven's Winestone restaurant in collaboration with APSN, a social service agency providing special education for Singapore's community with mild intellectual disability.

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A door gift, hand-made by the beneficiaries of APSN, was given to every event guest attending the Thanksgiving dinner.

Our very own welcome team and mascot warmly greeting each guest when they arrived.

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A total of 71 guests graced the Thanksgiving dinner, who enjoyed the festive and sumptuous dinner while contributing to a good cause.

Our chefs hard at work, dishing out the specially curated 4-course menu for the event, including a collaborative dessert incorporated with cookies made by the talented beneficiaries of APSN.

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Apart from fundraising through the physical event, an online fundraising campaign on was also created and running concurrently as an alternate avenue to further contribute towards APSN.

All profits and donations from the physical and online campaign were contributed towards the APSN to support their many beneficiaries, enabling persons with special needs to be active contributors of the society.

NMSS X APSN Thanksgiving Dinner: Take Action
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